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Hello, we are Stana and Martien and we live with our dogs in a small village named Lith, in a very little country,  called The Netherlands.

I, Stana, was always crazy about dogs and I have always dreamt about perfect dog.

I grow up in Slovakia (where I come from) with lots of dogs, but somehow they didn't have what I was looking for, until the day I've met Janka's dogs - The Samoyeds... 

In 2002 I came to live in Holland with Martien. And yes, I wanted a dog. But, because Martien was little bit afraid of big dogs, we had to compromised and bought this little fellow - his name is Yoshi.                 

Few moths later came my friend Janka with her family en her beloved samoyed Xamba (the mother of our Sam) on a visit. This was the first time that Martien saw a samoyed, but because Xamba was fabulous, everything went all right. And it was also the first time that I started to think about samoyed as a pet. Later that year we went to Slovakia visit my family and we also stayed few days with Janka, her family and the samoyeds. It was wonderful: this beautiful, happy, smiling dogs, always ready for action... And then I knew it - this is what I'm looking for! 


Still, it took me another 4 years to get "the green light" to get my very own samoyed. Again, I had to compromised and make few promises to my friend, but I knew, once this doggie is going to be here, he is never going away...

So, thanks Janka, in 2006 we brought our first male samoyed  "Sam" to our home. Since that time everything is about samoyeds. The love those dogs can give is unbelievable...


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