Catching up with news

I'm trying to catch up with news from last few month. There were few shows, summer break and lots of fun with dogs. Here are the most important news:

Health results

Little Miracle - HD A and eyes clear

Dutch Prince and Little Miracle are DNA tested


Sam & Puck both took part on club show NSC in Holland, judged by dutch judge Mrs. Vink. They both ended with result Very Good. But they were BISS Couples.

Sam took part on Master Trophy (Dog of the year) in Belgium. It was sort Gala show and he did just great. He ended up between 4 best dogs!!!

Puck took part on 4 more shows where she ended with result excellent and very good.

 Agility In september Sam started his 2nd season of agility course and Puck started her 1rst season. They are both doing great and you just see them enjoying themself.

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